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Scripture Writing

It’s so simple, really.  I’ve done it before, but this time it is not a neat idea or a duty.  It is joy.
One of my favorite books is Safely Home by Randy Alcorn  The story is amazing.  Set in China, the story is about the persecution of Christians there.  In one part of the story, a section of a Bible is brought out.  It is handwritten.  When the main character asks why it was smudged, he is told those were the tear stains from the one that copied the words.
Since that time, I would often hand-copy Scripture.  But...  I wasn’t consistent.  Mostly I would hand-copy Scripture verses when I was studying and the verses pertained to the topic.  Hand-writing the verses always helped me to remember them.
In December, I was handed a printout of verses to write out as part of an actual Scripture writing plan.  
Our leader had made each lady a copy.  I decided that I would attempt to follow the plan and see how it went.  I bought a small journal for the very purpose of keeping the Scripture writing…
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See Ya Later While I Carry On

My husband and I have been married for eighteen years.  In that time, there has been many changes in our lives.  Such is life...  change.  In those years we have said good-bye to loved ones.  Several have gone home to be with the Lord, including the two beloved faces above.
The two above were strong figures in our families.  They were examples we often remember during times of struggle. They were known for being giving and loving and beautiful souls others wanted to be around.  
Were they perfect?  No.  Their flaws and their histories made them compassionate and understanding.  To this day, they are missed.  To this day, we think of them on every holiday and birthday, weekends visiting each other... We tell stories of our precious memories with them.  In this way, they live on, here in our hearts and memories. They left a legacy of faith and family and love.  I can still hear their voices, even after five and nine years of passing time.  
I sometimes wonder what advice they would have fo…


At times, I procrastinate.  I know there are things I should be doing, but just get busy or lazy or weary.  Most of the time, I am really good about doing what needs to be done.  The bills are paid on time.  Schoolwork for both homeschooling and college gets completed in a timely fashion.  My home may get cluttered.  I may forget the laundry in the washer for a day or two and have to rewash the clothes.  For the most part, however, I don’t think I put off too much.
My health.  I was on a Ketogenic diet last year, and I was feeling good.  My energy level was high. My weight dropped a bit.  But then life happened.  The paycheck was low, and I struggled buying separate food just for me.  I already have to eat gluten-free.  Then college classes overwhelmed me.  I would cave more and more because I was stressed.  My daughter was in the ICU twice in two months, and I felt even more stress.  I am totally a stress eater. 
Spiritually, I felt the weight of the world.  I went through…

Speak Life

Years ago I read a book by Gary Chapman titled The Five Love Languages.  This book was quite a gem, and I still have it on my shelf.  Taking the quiz, discovering my love language and the love language of my spouse, it was all very helpful.  
I learned I totally stink at one love language in particular: words of affirmation.  It’s sad, really, because it is one of my husband’s love languages.  I have to purposely try to use words of affirmation.  It doesn’t come naturally.  I will go a very long time without thinking to speak words of affirmation.  Yes, I know this can be a big issue for those that have this as a love language.  They crave validation and acceptance with words.  The craziest thing of it all is that I am a “word” person...  at least in writing.  
Over the last couple of years, I slowly began to realize that many people totally stink at this love language.  Perhaps it is a cultural thing.  The comedies on television often get the most laughs with sarcastic, biting remarks.…

Don’t Let Your Heart Grow Cold

Here in the Midwest, we are in the midst of a cold snap that has temperatures in the dangerous range.  The wind chill can cause frostbite very quickly.  Experts are warning that people should not be outside for very long, and if they are, they need to wear appropriate clothing to keep them warm and safe.

The cold outside seems to somehow echo the cold I know I have battled in my faith.  The cold is uncomfortable at first.  Stand in it for a few minutes, however, and you begin to feel numb.  Sometimes that numbness comes with a prickling sensation.  Sometimes there is just the numbness, and you can’t feel the damage occurring.  
How often does that happen in our faith?  A chill invades our heart, from offense or wounds or hurt.  We feel uncomfortable.  Maybe we miss Him and we turn back.  Maybe we recognize that discomfort as a warning.  Or maybe we use the cold to fuel apathy.  Either way, we then become numb.  Numb is deceptive.  We don’t feel cold.  The discomfort eases.  If there is…


I used to go on a fast at the beginning of each year.  Then, after celiac changed my diet drastically, I stopped.  It was so difficult to be restricted all year long and then add even more I shouldn’t be eating.  
This year, I feel myself drawn to setting the stage for the rest of the year.  After all, there are many things that need prayer.  So much this last year was so difficult, and I feel as if my family is in bondage.  The health issues have been tough, but the spiritual and mental battles may surpass even the health ones. 
Whether I go on an outright fast or not isn’t the issue.  That is between me and God, but I do feel that I must take some time to really focus on my prayer life and my relationship with the Lord.  I have been so broken, so weak, for such a long time.  Even more, I see my family slipping further and further away from the Lord in the slow fade that leads to death.
But my reactions have not exactly been helpful.  Reacting emotionally, I have done all the “wrong” th…

Giving Up My Expectations, Surrendering My Desires

I have been thinking about 2018.  I don't usually set New Year's resolutions.  My mind has been thinking (cause I can never get it to shut up) about the past few years and all the changes and that have occurred and challenges we have faced.  I have been thinking about what is important to me and what God would have me do differently from this moment on.

I made a choice twelve years ago, in October 2005, to follow Jesus.  It was a battle for me to do so.  As this new year is upon me, I am looking back over the last year... the last several years, and I see how I have struggled.  I see how this past year was so very hard.  There is no other word to describe this last year.  It drained me and caused me to be overwhelmed and feel alone.  Anxiety issues began to consume me and I spent a lot of time crying and feeling very low about myself.  I considered giving up on that choice I made all those years ago.  I would have, if giving up Jesus would have brought me a moment of freedom.…